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Greetings all. I wanted to quickly share a new product in the world of energy snacks and trail bars. At a recent trail run I met Matt Oscamou from Frontier Snacks. Matt and his brother Nate came up with these tasty concoctions and promptly launched their company which is local to Mountainview, CA.

Frontier Bites
Frontier Bites

Rather than single serving bars, they’re sold in packages of ~ 3.5 oz which contain a couple handfuls of these little nuggets of awesomeness. They break down their serving size to 20 grams but I like to look at things on the per-ounce basis since it’s a little easier for me to figure out what I’m carrying and what I’m getting out of it nutritionally that way. Depending on the flavor, you’re getting around 150-160 calories per ounce, which is pretty high. In fact, that would top any of the bars that we analyzed in the Battle of the Bars earlier this year.

The Frontier Bites are a bit like the consistency of rice cakes – light, crunchy, and they taste very good (in my opinion, of course). Matt claimed that freezing temps would not change their properties so I put them to the test and sure enough… still crunchy and edible after hours in the freezer.

Right now three flavors are available: Macadamia+Pineapple+Coconut, Pecan+Cherry+Cinnamon, and Almond+Blueberry+Lemon. I like all of them. Each flavors utilizes only 8 natural ingredients which is totally rad. Frontier Bites are by far the best of any of the “new-to-the-scene-bars” I’ve tried this year. They’ll be in my pack for sure. If you’re interested in giving them a try, you can purchase directly from their website.

Through the end of December, 2012 you can use the code “hikeitlikeit” to receive 20% off your order. (no affiliation or kickback to us)

Check out Frontier Snacks on Facebook for news and future promos, etc. I’ll be updating the Battle of the Bars sometime soon with some new additions and I’ll be sure to include these. Om nom nom nom… Hike It. Like It.

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