It’s GGG Time – Save the Date!

Happy New Year!Looking for something to do outside this January? Hit up the GGG! What’s a “GGG” you ask? Grandmother’s Green Gorgonzola??

Good guess, but not quite right. Try: Gathering of Gear Geeks! Yes, it’s that time to get together with like minded light-backpackers, share stories, check out the vast array of gear, and just have a good time.


The Particulars

This iteration is the 5th annual for the greater Northern California/Bay Area region. Of course, it’s open to anyone from anywhere. At the past GGG’s, people turned up from SOCAL and even out of state. It’s always an awesome group of people from many different backgrounds, yet there is a common thread.

Who: Anyone with an interest in lightweight backpacking, also their significant others, children, and friends.
What: GGG 5.0 The annual get together
Where: Henry W. Coe State Park (Group Spot #5 is where you will find the courtesy tent/info)
When: January 25-27th 2013
Way Cool: Only $15 per person (covers costs to reserve campsites, overages go to the Pine Ridge Association)

How it works

Quoting Ken Thompson, the current group organizer:

The group spots are dry, no water. No problem, We will haul in plenty of water for everyone. We are also able to shuttle food, equipment, firewood and a few people even to the group spot by vehicle(weather permitting). If you are in need of having stuff hauled in please follow these steps. We have to go in before the staff goes home. By mid afternoon Friday drive to campsite 19 at the HQ campground and drop off your stuff. Get your parking permit at the HQ and go park in the overflow lot down the hill a bit from the HQ. Then hike to group camp and be reunited with your stuff.

The park does not allow us to make multiple trips back and forth to haul stuff in. We need to do one big load. Any thing else can be hauled in by bicycle trailer as well. I will see about getting one vehicle in on Saturday.

A few folks will be car camping Thurs. night the 24th at the HQ campground. I’ll be in spot 19. Rain or shine, or snow even. We will be centered in group spot 5. Check in there before you select a site.

As always your financial support to cover costs is greatly appreciated/needed. kenthompson2(at) is my PayPal address. (no affiliation to Hike It. Like It., but Ken is a friend of mine)

Having attend past GGG’s I can only say that it’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I’ve found some top notch hiking partners and good friends via the GGG. This year sounds like it will be the most family oriented; personally I think it’s great to see parents getting their kids involved in hiking… surely that’s how many of us came to be interested in it. The format is flexible, i.e. show up Fri, Sat, or Sun, the hike is an easy 3.5 miles, and the company is good. This is probably the one time that I’ve seen a bunch of lightweight backpackers carry in more odds, ends, and miscellaneous shite than you can shake a stick at. Alcohol is permitted, BYOB, behave, have fun.

Ken will happily answer questions (his email address is in bold up above)

Points of Interest

Attendee-led activities including:

  • Talk on the Birds of Coe
  • Guided nature hike
  • Homebrew tasting
  • Wood-burning stove boil off contest
  • Gear swap in parking lot prior to disbanding on Sunday

Gear manufacturers attending:

  • Grant Sible and crew, Gossamer Gear
  • Ron Moak, Six Moon Designs
  • Kat P., Mountaingoat Hats and Goods Kat will do another nature hike.
  • Jack Elliot, Borah Gear
  • The Trail Designs Crew
  • D. Gardner, G.O.L.D.

I will be there, rocking out in my tipi… ok, it’s just a GoLite SL-5. If Steve Climber shows up with his Flextrek we’ll see who dominates the landscape!! Anyway, yeah… come find me in the family-sized tent and say hi, chill out, grab some stickers and other goodies, and have a beer (while supplies last!).

A few Photos

I missed the GGG4 due to being out of state at the time, but here are just a few photos from GGG3 at Henry Coe…

Lightweight Tarps, Tents, and Other Shelters
Good Company
Good Company
Come on Out
Come on Out!
Hike It. Like It.
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