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LightHeart Gear is a manufacturer tents based in the US. I have slept in all of their tents, so I shall divulge my experience with the SoLong6, which is their solo shelter for tall people.


  • 100″ long x 55″ wide (30″ at feet and head) x 45″ tall
  • Hybrid double wall
  • Single side entry
  • 1.1 oz silnylon construction
  • Packed size of ~ 6 x 13 inches
  • Total weight 28 ounces on my scale (including stuff sack)
  • Suggested Retail Price – $295 as tested


Having spent nights in both the Solo and Duo I can say this tent is a different animal. It’s purpose is to accommodate tall hikers and that it does (I’m 6′-3 and change, LightHeart says up to 6′-8 should be no problem). Not only is the floor 100 inches long, but the bathtub walls rise up 8 inches on all sides which affects the pitch of the walls and makes for more head and foot room. Unlike the standard Solo, the ends do not form a point, but rather are squared off (30″ wide), again making for more space.

The SoLong6
The SoLong6

The SoLong6 is made in the USA and made to order. Judy Gross has a variety of fabric colors to choose from so you can get funky (fushia anyone??) or low key as you want with the color ways. I went with the tan body and brown floor which I think looks great on the tent.

End View
End View
Side Profile
Side Profile
Interior Head/Foot
Interior Head/Foot
Spreader Bar
Spreader Bar

Set up is similar to the other LightHeart tents – two trekking poles (or optional lightweight poles from LightHeart) are required to pitch it. The peak of the tent holds a spreader bar which receives the pole tips. Of all three LightHeart tents I’ve used, I find the SoLong the easiest to pitch and to keep taught. All the angles worked out very well and the corner struts in the bathtub floor do their job of keeping it standing erect. A welcome addition to the SoLong is the presence of two top vents which creates a little air movement inside.

Full size bag + Kid size bag side by side
Full size bag + Kid size bag side by side

While the tent is listed as a solo shelter it’s more like a 1 ½ person shelter, so in a pinch it could sleep two. I spent a couple of nights with my 6-year old daughter sleeping next to me and was completely comfortable, and we had all of our gear in the tent with us. When near the coast in some rainy weather we did get a fair bit of condensation inside, as is typical for single wall/hybrid wall shelters. There’s enough room inside that I never came in contact with it. I can say that this is a legit shelter for the tall. For me most shelters feel like they ‘barely cut it’ when it comes to interior room/length, not this one… there’s plenty to spare.


  • It does accommodate us giants among men
  • Good balance of weight vs. space
  • Good value for the cost
  • Made in USA

Not So Much…

  • Must be very careful when setting up not to put a pole tip through the roof

Famous Last Words

The SoLong6 is a bit of a treat without going overboard for the tall-solo hiker.Hike It. Like It.

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