LIKEing the Hiking?

All the cool kids are doing it, so we decided we would drink the Coolaid too…

Yup. We joined the Evil Empire.
Yup. We joined the Evil Empire.

By liking us on FaceBook you’ll get notified whenever we update the blog. Just another way to subscribe. We’ll probably even post some ‘bonus’ stuff for ya on our FB timeline but no photos of whatever we’re about to eat… we all get enough of those from our friends as it is. Act fast and you can claim bragging rites on being one of the first to really LIKE IT.

(edit: check our Subscribe page for this and other easy ways to follow us)

Got other ideas on where we should be? Let us know and we’ll make it happen. Hike It. Like It.

Jacob D Written by:

Jacob is the head honcho, wearer of many hats, and modern day berserker here at Hike It. Like It. When he's not out hiking or running the trails you'll find him operating in full capacity as a Super Dad and chipping away at a degree in Kinesiology. This guy likes to stay busy. Follow on Strava

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