Revelation Quilt (Enlightened Equipment)

Hiked It. Liked It.

EnLIGHTened Equipment is a small manufacturer of quilts based in the US. Over the summer I used used their Revelation quilt for several trips. Here’s the deal…


  • 6′-6 with Wide Cut
  • 40* F Approx Rating
  • 15 DWR shell, 10D liner, 850 fill down
  • Zippered foot box, full length snap closures
  • Total weight is just over 17 ounces on my scale
  • Suggested Retail Price – $260 as tested


Prior to this I have been using a JRB quilt for summer and fall when I can get away with it. I love the simplicity of quilts and the freedom to move around (side sleeper here). Size wise, both quilts were similar. The material of the Revelation is very soft and although Tim Marshall uses “seconds” on these the Revelation-X quilts (to save the end user some money) you’d hardly tell from looking at them – correction, ours was not the X, but the standard Revalation which uses top end material.

The Revelation
The Revelation
Foot Box
Foot Box

The foot box works by zipping up the end and closing the drawstring. Three snap closures immediately back up the zipper. A few more snap closures are spaced out along the length of the quilt to allow it to be fully closed (like a sleeping bag) if necessary. There are also loops at each snap closure and several lengths of shock cord are provided to loop under a sleeping pad at whichever points someone wants to. At the head end another drawstring provides a means to cinch up the quilt. Nothing fancy here, just common sense features that accomplish what needs to be done.

On the Soggy and Cold Lost Coast
On the Soggy and Cold Lost Coast

In actual use I found the quilt very comfortable and true to the temp rating. On one occasion while hiking in the King Range (Lost Coast area in California) the weather ended up being a little colder than expected, and very wet. Although temps dipped into the mid-low 30’s I slept comfortably in my base layers. That’s not a scientific observation, but the case hasn’t been the same with my other quilt, speaking from past experience. I don’t think I would ever fully close the quilt up unless I got caught in much colder weather than expected. The straight cut is why I like the Revelation, and the “wide” sizing worked perfect for my side sleeping nights. So as a quilt user, I liked the Revelation. This one was a loaner so it had to go back, but I ended up buying a couple of Enlightened Equipment quilts for our kids (more on those later) which they happily approved of.


  • Simplicity of design
  • Warmth to weight ratio
  • Value priced
  • Made in USA

Not So Much…

Just a couple of nitpicks…

  • I’d prefer the shock cords to have a loop at one end and toggle at the other, rather than toggles at each ends
  • No stuff sack is included

Famous Last Words

The Revelation quilts provide an excellent value and are fully customizable to suit the conditions and your sleeping style. Hike It. Like It.

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  1. Tony
    March 27, 2013

    I am thinking of getting a EE Revelation but I am not sure what width to get. I will be getting a 30deg or a 40deg and using it in the summer in the Sierra. I am 5’11” with a 42″ chest and broad shoulders, pretty skinny elsewhere. I will only be using one thin synthetic or down puffy along with a base layer under it. Tim at EE says I should get a regular width if I don’t move much, a wide width if I move a lot or sleep on my side. I do move while I sleep and occasionally sleep on my side but am wondering if I could get away with a regular width?

    Jacob, you reviewed a wide and liked it. How broad are you? Given the info above, do you think I could get away with a regular width?

    • Jacob D
      March 27, 2013

      Hi Tony. I have pretty broad shoulders and side sleep. I would not use the standard width. Even the wide is not massively wide. It’s just wide enough that when I turn from one side to another my back doesn’t get exposed. My vote is: get the wide. I don’t think you’ll ever regret the very small increase in weight, and I’m sure there will be nights you’ll appreciate the extra comfort.

  2. Heather Darnell
    October 21, 2012

    Saving up to buy a Tim Marshall-built quilt – I can’t wait! And – what is the shelter in this picture?

    • Jacob D
      October 25, 2012

      Hey Heather. I may be saving up for one too. I think a zero degree winter quilt would be sublime 🙂 The shelter pictured is the LightHeart Gear Solo in Cuben Fiber. I have a post about it here if you want to know more:

  3. August 21, 2012

    My X quilts use 2nds. The Revelation you used is all first quality high end fabric.


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