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These are the times of the self made author, the ascension of the everyman with an opinion, the viral digital soapbox of self glorification. It’s great stuff for those of us who love to read, write, share, and interact with friends and, for whatever reason, totally unknown strangers of the interwebs. Blogs have become a great way to get information about… well, just about anything imaginable that someone might find interesting. Forums are great for polling the crowd for answers to your query, whereas with blogs you’ve got that solitary voice of the author and when you click with it, it’s a different experience. I can picture myself laughing along with the author, or nodding my head in agreement, or even listening intently along side a camp fire somewhere… I could also be nuts, either way these are my favorites…

Brian’s Backpacking Blog (Brian Greene)

Brian has a solid blog with a good following. It’s gear-centric and features a good variety of kit. Although it is not specifically an “ultralight blog” there is plenty of emphasis on lightweight/ultralight gear. Brian always seems to find items that I’m also interested in, or that I was previously unaware of, either way that’s a win for me.

Sweeping the Garden (Craig Wisner)

Craig’s blog covers a whole gamut of interesting stuff… philosophy, politics, hiking, trip reports, surfing, music, and his art. This matches the archetype that I really enjoy reading because of the range of topics and because they parallel things that I also find interesting.

Bedrock and Paradox (Dave Chenault)

Dave’s blog is also a broad spectrum endeavor that covers his trip reports, hiking, climbing, biking, and packrafting with a dash of philosophical and political waxing. All the right ingredients to keep it interesting, and great writing that keeps me coming back.

Ultralight Backpacking or Bust (Joslyn Bloodworth)

I like Joslyn’s blog because she gives a female’s perspective on the the outdoor life style with a focus on lightweight backpacking and hammocking. Being a family guy, I find that more resources and ideas for getting the family out are a good thing and Joslyn has done a nice job chronicling the journeys of her family.

Dances with Angiosperms (Adam Criswell)

Adam is a friend and hiking buddy and I must mention his blog which is a new outlet for him. Adam is a “plant dood” who helps melons get their groove on, hence the name of his blog (yeah, I had to google it too). Content includes his backpacking trip reports, lightweight gear reviews, photography, and urban exploration – yet another past time I enjoy.

Hiking in Finland (Hendrik Morkel)

Hendrik is the go-to resource for all things outdoors in Scandinavia and beyond including lightweight backpacking, hiking, climbing, packrafting, and photography. His blog is always chock full of gear reviews and new products, as well as pieces of kit that we don’t always see here in the States, and of course he has done a ton of interviews with gear manufacturers too.

Andrew Skurka (as himself)

Andrew Skurka shouldn’t need an intro, but for those who don’t know, the guy has hiked, skied, and packrafted like ten million miles. Ok, not really that many, but his many treks of several thousand miles each really start to add up, and for that his experience and perspective is about as solid and legit as it gets. Andrew covers some gear reviews on his blog, but I mainly read it to glean knowledge when he writes on his philosophy and technique of being outdoors.

Trail Cooking & The Outdoors (Sarah Kirkconnel)

Sarah Kirkconnel is the voice behind who provides a wealth of information on food preparation, dehydration, and recipes for the trail. As one might imagine, her blog is food-centric but it also contains a dash of backpacking trip reports and a sprinkle of product reviews. I’m a bad trail chef, so I read it for the food help, of which I need a lot.

Weekend Sherpa (Brad Day)

Last but not least, Weekend Sherpa is a go-to resource for Californians looking for weekend adventures. Brad has expanded his blog to include separate topic matter for Norcal and Socal. While it’s not really a backpacking blog there are still plenty of great ideas for day hikes in Open Space and State Parks around California. The content is always seasonal and updated weekly! Whenever I need a little inspiration for a quick outing, or family day out I head over to Weekend Sherpa to see what I can find.

That sums up my regular reading rotation. There are so many blogs on the www that it’s hard to keep track of em all. I don’t have the time to even follow these few on a regular basis, but when I do have some downtime I try to catch up and see what’s going on. So, what are a few of your favorite outdoor-related blogs? I can think of one that should hopefully make the list 🙂 Hike It. Like It.

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Jacob is the head honcho, wearer of many hats, and modern day berserker here at Hike It. Like It. When he's not out hiking or running the trails you'll find him operating in full capacity as a Super Dad and chipping away at a degree in Kinesiology. This guy likes to stay busy. Follow on Strava


  1. August 22, 2013

    HA! indeed! even with winter around the corner, blogging is just getting more and more popular!

  2. August 4, 2013

    Thanks Jacob! Hike It, Like It is on my list for sure, then there’s a few Scottish blogs, a few German blogs, a few climbing blogs…. and then some 500 other ones 😀

    • Jacob D
      August 5, 2013

      Hey Hendrik. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! In the meantime I’m sure another several dozen outdoor blogs have sprouted up 🙂

      • August 13, 2013

        It’s the season for outdoor blogs, ya know!

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