It’s the Giving Season

Gift Ideas for Hikers and Backpackers

It’s the holidays, you know, the time of year when consumers freak out and start buying all kinds of stuff. I try to keep that locked down these days but even when we say “ok, no gifts this year” to friends and family we all end up getting each other stuff anyway. So in that spirit, if you have a light minded hiker in your life these are some gift ideas that probably won’t cramp their methodically planned style too much, and won’t break the bank either…

Warm Stuff

BlackRock Gear Down Hat

  • Black Rock Gear Down Hat

    A toasty, classy, and feather light hat to keep their noggin all cozy on those winter nights around camp. $60 and up. Made in the USA.

  • MountainGoat Hats

    Make your gift more personal with a beautiful custom knitted beanie from MountainGoat Hats and Goods. $30 and up. Made in the USA.

  • Goosefeet Down Booties

    A pair of Goosefeet booties will keep all the little piggies happy when the mercury drops. Super light and super warm. $65 and up. Made in the USA.

  • Borah Gear Down Pants

    These warm pants offer bang for the buck, pack down very small, and provide a ton of warmth for the lower body. $145 and up. Made in the USA.

  • Smartwool Liner Gloves

    Under 2 ounces for the pair, they’re soft, warm, and nice enough to wear around town too. They even work with gadget touchscreens! $24. Imported.

  • 40 Below Light Energy Overboots

    Know someone who’s into snowshoe and snow camping? They’ll love you for giving them these overboots to keep their feet warm and dry while on the go or around camp. $99 and up. Made in USA.


Bosavi Headlamp

  • Bosavi Headlamp

    Is your friend’s headlamp about to give up the ghost? Bosavi offers a feature filled lamp with built in USB recharging. $59. Designed and Assembled in USA.

  • Goal Zero Recharging Kit

    Have a nomad in your life that likes to blog or stay in touch while out on the trail? They can keep their devices charged with this reasonably light solar kit. $119. Imported.

  • Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

    This nifty clip allows a camera (SLR or smaller) to be securely attached to a backpack strap for convenient carry. $59 and up. Made in the USA.

Health, Safety, Misc…

Sawyer Mini

  • Sawyer Mini Filter

    Is your loved one’s water filter an archaic implement of the darker ages? The new Sawyer Mini is tiny, awesome, and very affordable. $25. Made in the USA.

  • Pro Tick Remedy

    It weighs half an ounce, it removes nasty ticks easily and safely, it belongs in everyone’s first aid kit. $5. Made in the USA.

  • Exped Air Pillow

    A sweet inflatable pillow to cradle a sleepy head in supple cushyness. It only weighs a couple of ounces and packs down to the size of an Aspirin bottle. $35. Imported.

  • Toothpaste Tablets

    Only a hiker will truly appreciate this in their stocking. Trail mouth, be gone! $5. Made in outer space.

  • Aquamira Tablets

    These little tablets can save a trip if a water filter ends up broken or left behind somewhere. $15. Made in the USA.

  • Yama Mountain Gear DIY Stuff Sack Kit

    Now your DIY’er hiker can make a whole set of ultralight cuben fiber stuff sacks with this awesome kit from Yama. $30. Made in the USA.

  • ZPacks Cuben Fiber Backpack Covers

    These ultralight backpack covers will keep everything dry in the wet winter weather. $39 and up. Made in the USA.

  • Dirty Girl Gaiters

    These ankle gaiters keep the debris out of hiking/running shoes while weighing almost nothing and coming in a variety of fun patterns. $20. Made in the USA.


Starlyte Stove

  • Starlyte Alcohol Stove

    Every hiker seems to have a thing for stoves, we can never get enough of them especially when they weigh about half an ounce and get the job done! $18. Made in the USA.

  • Sea to Summit Long Spoon

    The perfect spoon for eating those disgusting delicious dehydrated meals right from the pouch; it’s long and light. $14. Imported.

  • MSR MugMate Coffee Filter

    Give them the gift of no more Via! The perfect lightweight solution for brewing a fresh cuppa joe. $17. Made in Germany.

  • Evernew 400 Mug

    A great little mug for the weight conscious solo hiker. The plastic lid is a nice touch. $27. Made in Japan.

For the Hiking Kiddos

Black Diamond First Strike

  • Black Diamond First Strike Trekking Poles

    At 7 ounces each, 26-46 inches long, and sporting downsized grips they’re just right for little hikers. $49. Imported.

  • Platypus 1-liter Hoser

    A great size reservoir for the kids to toss in their pack and stay hydrated like mom and dad. About $25. Made in the USA.

  • REI Adventure Journal

    It’s never too soon to get the kids to connect with nature. They can document their adventures and play some games during down time outdoors. Free at REI. Made in the USA


Gold Bears

  • Haribo Gold Bears

    The most awesome of all gummy bears. Consumption creates a state of bliss and euphoria. $5 or so. Made in Turkey.

  • Ginger Chimes

    Ohhh the gingery spicyness! The orange-ginger are especially awesome and the amount of chewing required is epic. $5 or so. Made in Indonesia.

  • Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bars

    Sweet but not too sweet dark chocolate. Just right for the casual occasion and sharing. Plus they include a love poem. $5 or so. Made in the USA.

  • Frontier Bites

    These energy bites are lightweight, tasty, and freeze proof – great for hiking and backpacking. About $5. Made in the USA.

  • Mahogany Smoked Meats

    Everything is amazing from the Landjäger to the jerky. Give your loved one the premium meat this holiday! Prices vary. Made in the USA.

  • A Selection from

    Get them some of their favorite condiments or snacks from, where everything is sized for single serving friends! Prices Vary.

Don’t Forget…

You might have noticed many of the items above are Made in the USA; shopping local and/or USA made is a great way to support the “neighbors” in our community. Some of the smaller manufacturers may not have the item you’d like to purchase in stock so it may behoove you (love that saying) to inquire with them in advance to ensure delivery in time for the holidays. And don’t forget, it’s better to give than it is to receive. Happy Holidays! Hike It. Like It.

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  1. November 27, 2013

    Great ideas! And I just happen to know someone who really wants some 40 below light energy overboots.

    • December 4, 2013

      Thanks Adam. I wonder who you might be referring to? 😉

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