New Year, New Ideas

Apparently we all safely dodged the Mayan Apocalypse. To celebrate I thought I’d monkey around with the inner workings of the blog. You may have already noticed a few changes. I want to take a minute and talk about a few things, then we’ll take a peak forward at what 2013 will bring Hike It. Like It. and our readers.

New or Different Site Features

Let’s just start at the top of the screen and work our way down, shall we?

  • Subscribe Page:

    Maybe the most important update for our readers, new easier ways to follow/subscribe to Hike It. Like It. All options are equal when it comes to post updates, but we’ll rely on Facebook as a platform to build upon what the blog, so following along there will bring you the most content.

  • Manufacturer Directory Page:

    It’s been suggested by more than a few people that our Interactive Manufacturer Directory was not easy to get to. In response it can now be found on the main page menu at the top of the blog. We’re already working on version 2 of the directory which includes a massive number of ‘mainstream’ gear manufacturers. This will roll out early this year. We’re already thinking about version 3, which is going to blow your mind 🙂

  • Header Looks Different:

    Yep. Made a few changes. This is mostly cosmetic although you might notice People, Packs, and Punk Rock are all links to mysterious places.

  • “Like” Button:

    You may have noticed the Facebook “like” button at the bottom of posts. If you like a post, you can share it on your timeline. Easy breezy.

  • “Pin” Button:

    Pinterest users will recognize this one, it simply lets you pin photos in any of our posts to your Pinterest board.

  • Social Media:

    Gone are the old social media buttons, but Hike It. Like It. is fully plugged into the social media hive mind like never before. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest now. We’ll be using Pinterest as a way to share photos that inspire us, and those from fellow bloggers that we follow. Check it out, follow along if you like. This social media stuff is all new to us; we’ll see how it all works out.

A Look Ahead for 2013

We’re very optimistic about this year. Sandra Dee and I spent a good part of 2012 hunting for a new home; something closer to the coastal foothills of Marin or the East Bay where we love so much to hike, run, and enjoy being outside (we almost jumped ship to Durango, CO in March but came to our senses). We’re still on the hunt and this has monopolized energy that would have been directed other ways, but hopefully we’ll be closing in on something soon. That said, we expect to continue to be outside, to be blogging, and most importantly, to increase the time we spend doing both. Here are a few things you can expect from Hike It. Like It. this year…

  • Interviews:

    We’re going to focus on the “people” aspect a little more this year, which includes talking with some more gear manufacturers and hikers as well. We’ve already got a handful of great interviews lined up and in the works!

  • Reader Involvement:

    Yes, that was inception just then. The seed has been planted… we want to know what our readers are up to, what your interests are, what kind of adventures you’ve been having and so forth. Please take a minute and drop a link to your trip reports, blogs, videos, etc… on our Facebook page. We’d love to check it out and I’m sure your fellow readers/hikers would too.

  • Fun Monthly Giveaways:

    This idea ties into the above concept of reader involvement; we’ll be announcing the Hike It. Like It. Adventure Challenge in a couple of days. Each month we’ll present a challenge for you to tackle outdoors, take a photo to show you did it, and submit it for a chance to win some cool swag donated by your favorite gear companies. The swag is already piling up, get ready to have some fun!

  • Stoke:

    We’re adding a new section to the blog to include our trip reports. If you have a really cool report you’d like to share with a wider audience drop us a line and we’ll work it in. It’s all about idea fuel… stoke our flame and let us stoke yours!

  • Gear Talk:

    Yes, of course more gear talk. We’ve got some shelters, packs, clothing, and other goods to cover. Battle of the Bars will be back for round two with an all new lineup. I have a revised first aid kit (which you’ll be able to win in one of our first giveaways) to show you, a look back on all the gear we talked about last year, and more.

  • Interactive Features:

    We’ve been working on a couple of things, one being an update to the Manufacturer Directory. The other being top secret… nope not telling… yet.

  • More Punk Rock:

    It wouldn’t be Hike It. Like It. without the music. We’ve actually got some grumpy letters that our music selection isn’t very ‘punk’. Maybe we can remedy that this year, or… maybe not! Hey, since when is conforming punkrock?!?

Whatever happens it’s going to be an amazing year. Be outside, be smiling, be awesome! Hike It. Like It.

Liking the Hiking, New Year Day 2013
Liking the Hiking, New Year Day 2013
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Jacob is the head honcho, wearer of many hats, and modern day berserker here at Hike It. Like It. When he's not out hiking or running the trails you'll find him operating in full capacity as a Super Dad and chipping away at a degree in Kinesiology. This guy likes to stay busy. Follow on Strava

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