Compadres on the PCT

Following the Journey of Two Friends

It’s thru hiking season! The Pacific Crest Trail Kickoff 2014 (ADZPCTKO 2014) is happening April 25-26th… right around the corner. It so happens that we have not one, but two friends who are embarking on thru hike attempts this year. As a way to stay in touch with them, live vicariously through their adventure, and also as a fun experiment they agreed to let me track their progress via the bloggy blog here and post updates as they stroll into civilization along the way from Mexico to Canada. It should be fun and everything will be updated in this post as their adventures roll along.

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A Little About the PCT

The Pacific Crest Trail (“PCT” as we all know it) was designated a National Scenic Trail by Congress in 1968, as prescribed by Lyndon B. Johnson, you know… that one guy who was like the 36th President of the United States. The Pacific Crest Trail Association has published a timeline and history of the trail on their site. The trail itself spans between Mexico and Canada covering 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington and is part of the coveted Triple Crown of hiking which includes the PCT, Appalachian Trail (AT), and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). Elevations along the trail range from nearly sea level to over 13,000 feet across Forester Pass.

As one might imagine, tackling the PCT is quite an endeavor – not just of physical strength and stamina, but also of mental strength, dedication, and desire to have this one of a kind experience. In our modern age, running a marathon seems insurmountable to so many people, yet this journey is the equivalent of walking 100 marathons, through the desert, mountains, and forest, while carrying your food, water, and gear on your back, and spending many nights outside. Most hikers take between 4 and 6 months to cover the full distance. Some plan meticulously, others take a more serendipitous approach. Many hike the trail solo, as Max and Adam are doing.

Meet Max and Adam


Max has been hiking since he was in his teens. He first started backpacking in his late 20’s. The desire to try a thru-hike began shortly thereafter. “I love the idea of seeing new places every day and sleeping in a different spot every night, all while on foot carrying just what you need. Hiking the PCT has been on my bucket list for awhile now“. After losing his job last year, Max decided the time to make it happen was NOW!


Adam is a relatively sane person with periodic bouts of crazy ideas. Sometimes he follows those ideas and strange things happen, like deciding to walk from Mexico to Canada. “At the age of 21, just before moving to Canada, I decided to go on a solo hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This was my first foray into backpacking alone and I spent one month wandering around the mountains”. Fast forward quite a few years to Adam now living in California and for the last couple of years dreaming about hiking the PCT, a dream about to be realized.

Updates, Check In’s, Naked Sightings, etc…

The map below shows Max’s and Adam’s respective last known positions. Below the map is a little running feed of check in’s, messages, statuses and that sort of thing. This will be updated over the course of their journey, forming a sort of running journal. Good luck guys and safe travels!!

Compadres on the PCT

Adam’s Feed…

2014-09-13 “Easy A” just completed his thru-hike of the PCT! Congrats Adam!! “Just finished 2600 miles of awesomeness on the PCT!”
2014-09-09 “Easy A” is somewhere up there, maybe a week til the Northern Terminus. Great job Adam, finish strong!
2014-08-30 “Easy A” celebrated his b-day on the trail somewhere in Northern Oregon! “It was great to celebrate with friends and family!!”
2014-07-21 “Easy A” is still on a beer kick. “The brew-hike continues at Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland.”
2014-07-11 “Easy A” is sipping suds at Etna Brewery. “The PCT brew-hike, I mean thru-hike continues…”
2014-07-01 “Easy A” caught world cup fever near Crater Lake “This is painful to watch. If the US wins it is complete luck.”
2014-06-18 “Easy A” has passed the 1,000 mile mark! “Just leaving Sonora Pass, 1020 miles down and heading towards Lake Tahoe. All is good.”
2014-06-12 “Easy A” is off trail with family for a day or two. “Lori and I had a great day together.”
2014-05-30 “Easy A” is somewhere out there heading towards VVR. “High Sierras and beyond!”
2014-05-27 “Easy A” is in Lone Pine, mile 744. “Made it to Lone Pine. High Sierras here I come!”
2014-05-18 “Easy A” has walked more than 550 miles of desert. “Hey Dude! In Tehachapi with the little lady.”
2014-05-12 “Easy A” met up with Jeff and Donna of Hiker Heaven today. “Hey Dude! Just made it to Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce, mile 454!”
2014-05-05 “Easy A” is somewhere North of Big Bear drinkin a cold one. “Happy Cinco de Mayo!”
2014-05-02 “Easy A” has walked over 270 miles! “Back on the trail today after a nice rest in Big Bear. 1/10 of the trail done!”
2014-04-28 “Easy A” is coming up on 200 miles soon! “Leaving Idyllwild today, feeling fabulous.”
2014-04-23 “Easy A” woke up at mile 94. “Heading into Warner Springs today… really hoping for a shower and laundry!”
2014-04-19 “Easy A” is underway and was near lake Morena. “First 20 miles down, all is good!”
2014-04-15 “Easy A” is not on the trail just yet “I am packed and ready to go, now to pack the house…..”

Max’s Feed…

2014-09-09 “Trax” decided to end his hike. Great job Max! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your journey. “I’m thankful for all the amazing people I’ve met and the things I’ve seen along the way.”
2014-08-04 “Trax” rounded up some breakfast in Ashaland “at Morning Glory cafe”
2014-07-23 “Trax” is almost 1400 miles in… “Night hiking the Hat Creek Rim!”
2014-07-20 “Trax” came up some grub at Carols Ranch House… half way there! “HALF. WAY. DONE!!!”
2014-07-11 “Trax” is soaking them muscles at Sierra Hot Springs. “Time to relax for the weekend.”
2014-07-01 “Trax” is on his way toward Tahoe! “Leaving Sonora Pass now. Slight chance I might make it to South Lake Tahoe by the 4th…”
2014-06-22 “Trax” is celebrating his b-day at Mammoth Lakes “906 miles down!”
2014-06-11 “Trax” is heading into the Sierras “After 702 miles, I’ve finally finished the godawful desert section and entered the Sierra. Now it’s time for the good stuff!!!”
2014-05-30 “Trax” just passed the 600 mile mark! “So that just happened! Mile 600 baby!”
2014-05-27 “Trax” found food in the desert at Anthony’s, over 550 miles in. “A delicious Kale Chicken salad in the middle of Mojave… who’d have thunk it!”
2014-05-19 “Trax” is chillin with Jeff and Donna at Hiker Heaven. “Agua Dulce, mile 454”
2014-05-11 “Trax” is back on the trail after a couple days rest. “Cajon Pass, mile 342”
2014-05-05 “Trax” reached Big Bear. Mile 266. “at Saucy Mama’s Pizzeria.”
2014-05-02 “Trax” is over 200 miles in now! “Mile 210, Ziggy & The Bear!”
2014-04-28 “Trax” just passed mile 125 “23 miles today”
2014-04-23 “Trax” was on the trail around mile 101 “Near mile 101!”
2014-04-19 “Trax” was spotted at the Stagecoach RV park. “Near mile 76.5”
2014-04-15 “Trax” is at the Southern Terminuos! “I’m now homeless, jobless, and car-less. Sh!t just got REAL…..”


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