Gift Ideas for Hikers and Backpackers 2014

A few small suggestions that won't break the bank.

It’s that time of year again. Are you struggling to think of some gift ideas for your outdoorsy cuddle buddy? Have you been remiss in your holiday shopping and now find yourself scrooged? Don’t despair, dear reader. Here are a few suggestions to lift your spirits and save you from holiday disaster!

Gift Ideas

  • Opinel No 7 Scout

    It’s not very effective at stabbing wild game or your snorring bunkmate, however it’s also difficult to stab oneself whilst spreading jam – which it can do beautifully as well as slicing and dicing! $15. Made in France.

  • YAMA Mountain Gear DIY Stuff Sack Kit

    Because everyone likes making their own stuff… sacks. Well, not everyone does but you can find out if your giftee is craftee with this little DIY kit. $35. Made in USA.

  • Flat Cat Gear DIY TiLight Alcohol Stove kit

    Another idea for the DIY’er who enjoys working with metal and fire (whoa… rhymes!). No blow torch included with this one however. $10. Made in USA

  • Brunton ADC Pro

    Does your loved one go nuts for metrics? This gadget will read wind or water speed, windchill, altitude, temperature, humidity, and a whole bunch of other things they’re dying to know long after you’ve lost interest. $100. Imported.

  • Darn Tough Socks

    If you think your significant other can destroy these… you are wrong. It’s your ego that’s about to be destroyed! Warrantied for life. Darn Tough. Around $20. Made in USA.

  • Injinji Toe Socks

    Aww, they’re so cute. All your little piggies have their own snuggly compartment to reside in. They work great with sandals too, and don’t do the ninja-toe thing. Around $15. Imported.

  • 2XU Calf Compression Sleeves

    Give your buddy a squeeze with some compression sleeves (ok, that one was unintentional). Great to aid in keeping the calves from fatiguing on long runs or hikes. $45. Imported.

  • Dirty Girl Gaiters

    You a dirty girl, you a dirty gurl… oh, these are just some extra fancy and uber light gaiters to keep the dust and rocks out. Nothing to see here. $20. Made in USA.

  • JUNK Performance Headbands

    In order to contain the flowing hair and glistening sweat of Lumbersexuals and alternative athletes (like hikers?), JUNK steps up with some flashy headband swag. $18. Made in USA.

  • Pro Tick Remedy

    Better out than in, I always say. Ticks are nasty – and when one crawls up your Junk (headband) and bites into you, reach for your tool instead of the matches! $5. Made in USA.

  • Salomon Soft Flask

    A runner might use this to stay hydrated… if they’re a simple minded fool! Anyone can see this was made to store valuable ounces of single malt. $18. Imported.

  • Cuissential SlickDrip Coffee Dripper

    Because Starbucks Via is for people who loathe their existence. Real java, or death. $10. Imported.

  • Magic Flight Finishing Grinder

    Special herbs make every meal better and the herbal connoisseur in your life will appreciate the consistent grind this little gem delivers. $39. Made in USA.

Magic Flight Herb Grinders
Magic Flight Herb Grinders… For the Herbal Connoisseur

Don’t Forget…

Last year’s ideas are here (and yes, a few are recycled this year). You might have noticed many of the items above are Made in the USA; shopping local and/or USA made is a great way to support the “neighbors” in our community. Some of the smaller manufacturers may not have the item you’d like to purchase in stock so it may behoove you (love that saying) to inquire with them in advance to ensure delivery in time for the holidays. And don’t forget, it’s better to give than it is to receive. Happy Holidays! Hike It. Like It.

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  1. January 17, 2017

    Hmm! Great collection for hikers. Everyone must read this article before hiking.

  2. May 4, 2016

    “modern day berserker”. Thanks to the Vikings show I know what that means now! Some pretty good options in this post. Thanks for pointing out what’s made in the USA and what isn’t.

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