Snow Creek Cabin Song

A friend and I recently visited Yosemite’s “secret” cabin. Among other things in the cabin were an acoustic guitar and some original lyrics written by Randy Bales left there for others to strum and sing while huddling around the wood stove. I thought the lyrics were pretty cool and when I returned home I was actually able to track down a video or Randy performing the song, in the cabin, on that guitar! I got in touch with Randy here’s what he had to say…

“We knew that [Snow Creek Cabin] was somewhat of a secret but most of the research we did was just exploring the cabin and background information posted on the cabin walls. Much to our surprise the guitar was already there so I felt inspired to write the song in the spur of the moment… Our joy is sharing our experiences in nature through our music.”

Here’s Randy in the cabin performing Snow Creek Cabin song, in the cabin, on the guitar you can still find there! -JD

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