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Get Down Like a Dirty Girl!

Dirty Girl Gaiters are lightweight ankle gaiters which work well for keeping out dirt, rocks, and weeds while hiking and running. As their website says “Dirty Girl Gaiters are made in America by goddesses from their empire of dirt in Green Valley, Arizona”. All the profits from these flamboyant and fantastic gaiters are donated to various charitable organizations, which adds to the awesomesauce. Here are a few quick details along with a little how-to get setup with your own Dirty Girls.

That Dirty Girl Style!
That Dirty Girl Style!

Overview and Specs

Unlike a lot of beefier hiking gaiters, Dirty Girl gaiters do not have an under-heel boot strap; instead they rely on sticking to your shoe with a little velcro on back, and a hook to catch your front laces. Beauty in simplicity.

  • Materials: Anything you want, as long as it’s Lycra
  • Colorways: Only the most flamboyant patterns you can imagine, from psychedellic leopard to the popular DNF skulls.
  • Weight: 1.2 oz / pair (size XL)
  • MSRP: about $20 / pair

Initial Impressions



In the Field

The gaiters arrive with a length of self-adhesive velcro which is meant to be cut and stuck onto the heel of your shoe. After that’s done they’re good to go, however I found that the self adhesive needed a little help to stay stuck, so I used some super glue gel. Now my trail runners are perma-velcro’d. No biggy. The other side of the velcro is sewn to the gaiter, thus nothing to do there. I’ve been wearing the same pair (“Venemous” yeah!) for a few years of hiking and running… I haven’t kept track of the miles on them but I’m confident it’s over 1,123… and that’s a prime number! They’re not waterproof but they do a great job of keeping all the trail detritus out of your shoes.

Here’s a little how to, just to make this post appear to have more content than it actually does…

What You’ll Need

  • A pair of Dirty Girl Gaiters. The brightest colorway you can stand.
  • A pair of worthy trail running shoes. Bonus points if these are extra gaudy too.
  • Velcro (adhesive or not, they do come with some but in case you misplace it in all the excitement)
  • A lil tube of super glue (gel preferred)
  • Scissors
  • A rag, or washcloth
  • Possibly some rubbing alcohol
  • Definitely a beer

What to Do

  1. If the heel area of your shoes is dirty, clean them up.
  2. If your shoes happen to be painted on the area you’ll stick the velcro, then give it a good rub with the rubbing alcohol. The paint may or may not come off, either way keep on truckin.
  3. Eyeball the length you need to cut and make a couple of velcro strips.
  4. Put some super glue on back of each and stick them on. Don’t glue your fingers together, seriously!
  5. Congrats, you’re all done.
  6. Celebrate with beer while the glue sets up. Give them at least an hour or something before hitting the trail.

In case you really need an in-depth walk through, or have many, many questions may we suggest:

Everything You Need
Everything You Need
Get them heels Clean!
Get them heels Clean!
Good to Go
Good to Go

In Summary…

Dirty Girl Gaiters are more than just awesome to look at. They’re actually functional and provide a lot of bang for the buck. At around only a half ounce per shoe they should satisfy the needs of curmudgeony distance runners as well as the most frugal of ultralight gear nerds. Don’t get mad, get Dirty! Hike It. Like It.

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