Gifts for Runners, Hikers, and Backpackers 2016

Small Gifts, Something for Everyone

Hey Fam. The holidays are back already! Hopefully you’ve had a good year out on the trails, and we know you’ll be #OptingOutside on the blackest of fridays… right? Of course you are, because who the F wants to get trampled by a bunch of yokels at Wally World, clawing and fighting their way to the top of a pile of high def TV’s?!? So, after you spend a few days enjoying the fall weather and inevitably start the shopping, here are some thoughts to fill in the blanks for you. As has been tradition, most of the gift ideas below will be budget friendly and made in the USA (or at least, NOT made in China) to the best extent possible. There’s something here for everyone in your sphere of outdoor-minded friends. Cheers!

Gift Ideas

  • Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife

    Not quite as romantic as a Mora Classic, but it can cut, stab, and start a fire, so there’s that!. $23. Made in Sweden.

  • CRKT Minimalist Fixed Blade

    A cute little number, light and functional. If your knife collecting pal doesn’t have one yet, it’s a travesty that you can remedy this holiday! $20-$40. Made in USA.

  • Road ID

    You know by the look in their eye as they head out the door that your beloved trail running berserker will be bombing down some sketchy single track with reckless abandon. One of these could be helpful when they eventually bruise more than their ego and, like, forget who they are n stuff. $20. Made in USA.

  • Dirty Girl Gaiters

    All trail runners and ultra light hikers must own at least one pair of Dirty Girls. There are too many good colors and patterns to show off your flare while tramping around the backcountry. Bacon, donuts, skulls? Pfff… ’nuff said! $25. Made in USA.

  • Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts

    The ladies will whistle at your man as he strides down the trail, showing off his legs in these bad boys. And ladies, there’s a 3-inch version for you too so you can one up him. Best. Shorts. Ever. $55. Imported.

  • High Desert Drop Bags

    Finally some drop bags that are made by runners and made in the USA! There are 3 sizes to choose from and each of them has a tab that volunteers itself as a place to stick duct tape to… you know, so you mom doesn’t have to sew your name and bib number onto some random stuff sack for race day. $20-$29. Made in USA.

  • UltraGlide Bear Line

    Lawson Outdoor has become the defacto specialist in guyline materials. Everyone’s bear bagging lines get tangled, frayed, and worn out after a while. This is a slick replacement! $15. Made in USA.

  • Born to Run

    Whether or not your special someone is a runner, this is a great and inspiring true story of trail adventure. A great read! $15. Printed in USA

  • 98.6 Degrees The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

    Say what you will about Cody Lundin and his hiddy dippy, barefoot-guy persona… he knows his sh!t when it comes to survival! $15. Printed in USA.

  • The Gift of Gaia

    No, this isn’t some sort of druid spell, you can gift the Gaia app to your buddy who pretends he knows how to use his compass (but really doesn’t). $20. Made in USA.

  • Leukotape

    Nothing says “you really matter” like a roll of Leukotape shoved up their stocking. No really… hikers and runners love this stuff! $16. Imported (?) probably.

  • Anker Powercore 10000

    For the gadget lover, these little bricks literally keep the lights on. Charge the smartphone, camera, maybe even that funny pocket-sized massager you accidentally found in their backpack? $40. Made in China.

  • Maglite Mini Pro LED

    A little illumination for the darkest of days? Maybe just a quick and convenient light for the glovebox of the g-ride, so when it breaks down on some back country road your dad can see what he’s banging his knuckles into under the hood. $25-$35. Made in USA.

  • Vargo Ultralight Tent Stakes

    We’ve all got that one friend who gets drunk, falls in the lake, and loses all his gear. Or maybe he just misplaces the occasional stake once in a while. Same thing more or less. The orange heads on these will be harder to lose track of. $3.75 ea. Made in USA.

  • G-Works Gas Saver

    Holy hell, this is so brilliant! A way to transfer fuel from those partially used/almost empty canisters that your loved has developed a weird hoarding thing over. Now they can be consolidated down to one or two fill canisters again! Could be super dangerous, but what’s life without some excitement! $39. Made in Korea.

  • Kovea Supalight Titanium Stove

    Maybe your backpacking friend already has something like an MSR Pocket Rocket… you’ll be sure to impress them with a gift of this gram-saving mini stove. $50 Made in Korea.

  • Black Rock Gear Beanie

    You can show off both your knowledge of the ultra light cottage industry with this gift, and also how flush your bank account is. The Black Rock down beanie is a warm and light classic, if not on the pricey end of the gift list this year. $70. Made in USA.

Those Dirty Girls!
Those Dirty Girls!

Be Naughty, But Be Nice Too

Last year’s ideas are here, and remember, it’s better to give than it is to receive. Seriously though, don’t give in to the pressure to shop, do what makes you happy, and above all spend time with others, or just by yourself outdoors. That’s one of the best gifts of all! Happy Holidays! Hike It. Like It.

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  1. jay
    November 18, 2016

    There are probably 1000 flashlights better than that maglite!

    • November 22, 2016

      True, but this isn’t a flashlight review, and as far as lights Made in the USA go, most are pretty high priced to make the cut for a budget friendly gift list. I’m sure the flashlight aficionados will already have specific lights on their list for Santa to sneak under the tree 🙂

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