December 21, 2016

Alright, let’s get one more of these “favorites” posts this year! Remember, these are just my favorites, they don’t have to be yours, but you can always leave a comment if there’s a favorite something you want to give a shout out to. Gadgets often translates to “electronic stuff” but that seemed rather limiting, so I have added a few…

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May 25, 2015

This is the second post in our 3-part series about Smartphones in the Backcountry. We just wrapped up a primer on all things-smartphone in Part I. Now we’ll take a look at several types of apps that will be essential to making the most of your smartphone in your outdoor activities. These will include apps for navigation, activity tracking, geocaching,…

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May 22, 2015

Smartphones… many of us own one and use it on a daily basis. They’re great for accomplishing all the tasks of modern urban existence… texting, tweeting, checking email, taking selfies, taking pictures of latte’s and charcuterie on wooden planks… you know, important stuff. They don’t seem so smart though once you’re off the grid. Don’t despair however. In this post…

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