September 26, 2011

Welcome back to our series on backpacking photography. Today’s article is dedicated to looking at lenses for both interchangeable lens cameras as well as those on compact cameras. Let’s just jump right in… How Does a Camera Lens Work? In a nutshell, the lens gathers the light entering it from all angles, focuses it on an infinitely tiny point (the…

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September 12, 2011

If you’ve been following along with the series so far, welcome back! If not, we’re picking up where we left off which was an overview of the digital camera market. This quick interactive survey should help you set the bearing on your camera-shopping compass. So, do you need to kill a few minutes? Are you sitting around waiting to hear…

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July 11, 2011

Welcome to Part Deux of our series. Consumer digital cameras started off as somewhat of a novelty and have grown into a huge market that has segments for everyone from kids to professional photographers. Cameras that were once reserved for pro’s due to their cost have come down in price and are now found at the middle of the market…

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July 8, 2011

Hi and welcome to our photography series! So you’re looking to purchase a digital camera; maybe it’s your first or maybe it’s going to be an upgrade from the one you already own. Whichever the case may be I’m going to first cover some basic jargon and talk a little about the compromises between size and image quality from a…

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July 1, 2011

Photography and backpacking… two things that seemingly go hand in hand but in many respects challenges exist in doing both simultaneously. Everything from camera choice to keeping your pace while taking photographs is about compromise. This series will focus pairing you up with the best camera for your needs and, hopefully, helping you make the most of it on the…

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