Small Things

June 10, 2016

When you’re shaving ounces, or grams from your pack weight it’s easy to overlook stuff sacks. DCF stuff sacks are a good way to reduce weight, and if you use multiple stuff sacks for food, clothing, tent stakes, or other odds and ends you might be surprised how much switching to lightweight sacks can amount to in savings. Of course…

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April 15, 2015

Brian Cizek, the owner and inventor of the Aqua Clip was kind enough to send me a few samples to check out late 2013. It’s an interesting little product that makes changes the way a water bottle is carried. Of those samples I took a handful to the GGG West event in January 2014 and gave them out to interested…

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February 17, 2015

Dirty Girl Gaiters are lightweight ankle gaiters which work well for keeping out dirt, rocks, and weeds while hiking and running. As their website says “Dirty Girl Gaiters are made in America by goddesses from their empire of dirt in Green Valley, Arizona”. All the profits from these flamboyant and fantastic gaiters are donated to various charitable organizations, which adds…

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October 8, 2014

The Solio Bolt is a portable solar-powered charging device. I received my Bolt as part of the Bosavi Headlamp project that I backed a couple of years ago on Kickstarter. It was a package option at one of the backing levels and I figured it would be a good foray into portable solar charging… not all things turn out as…

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August 4, 2014

Gear creep is sort of inevitable in any gear-heavy activity; even the seemingly most basic activities like running tend to attract gear like crazy. It’s important to re-focus and pare down those gears after acquiring more things, usually as our respective kits evolve. Organization is key when one wants to keep things light and simple. Having a good perspective on…

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