Yama Mountain Gear

March 6, 2015

Did the title of this post throw you off? Maybe you thought it was going to be some sort of farewell post? Pfff… no way! We won’t have any fancy photos or other such eye candy for you today, however the subject matter is important stuff none the less. Let’s take a minute to recognize excellence of a handful of…

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March 26, 2014

So the 2013 Cuben Fiber Roundup ran right past 2013 into 2014 due to us relocating right in the midst of things. Picking up where we left of last fall… in the third part of our series we’ll take a look at the Terraform SW 1-person, a single person shaped-tarp made by YAMA Mountain Gear. Overview The astute reader or…

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September 25, 2013

Gen Shimizu is a long distance backpacking, cross-country unicycle riding, human rights advocating, awesome lightweight-shelter building type of regular guy. He’s also known as the motive force propelling YAMA Mountain Gear forward and I finally had a chance to speak with him. We touch on everything from raising awareness of human trafficking to the intricacies of Cuben Fiber shelter design.…

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