A Forest Poem

I went for a walk in the woods. I didn’t have a map, and I didn’t make a plan. I didn’t turn my GPS on, didn’t record how far I went, how much elevation I gained, or how fast I got there. In fact, there was no “there” to get to. I did have to cross a few things off my busy schedule, but life is too short to not make time to just wander. After just a few minutes there is no more sound of traffic, and after a bit longer there’s no more sound of people either. The stresses of life fade away so quickly.

The Forest Poem begins with a place to contemplate

A Place to Contemplate

and a view to ponder.

A view to Ponder

Then another, and another, steadily drawing you along.

Changes of Color

Down its path to wander
Down the Path

until there is no path,

Until there is no Path

further and further in, where words just fail

And Further In

because every tree

Where the Trees are Tallest

and each twisted root

Each Twisted Root

every fallen branch

Every Fallen Branch

every quiet place


EVERY quiet place

EVERY quiet place

has a story to tell


and every smallest detail

Every Smallest Detail

is in its perfect place.

Perfect Place


Jacob D Written by:

Dad, Runner, Student, Berserker, Questionable Partner... on my path to living an exceptional and real life.