Burn All the Firewood!

Resetting with Fall Colors

The changing of the seasons is a reminder to take time to reset oneself, let go of built-up thoughts and stress from the last few months, and move forward into a new season of being who we are and doing what we do. Oh, how I do enjoy these moments… burn out the dead wood and make room for the chutes of new thoughts and new discovery. This fall it wasn’t an epic adventure, just the simplicity of a weekend in the woods with a friend.

The forests of San Geronimo and Lagunitas are peaking with fall colors and beauty at this very moment. With rain just a few days ago and clear skies now, the timing couldn’t have been much better for a quick escape to Sam Taylor State Park.

Lagunitas Creek in Fall fashion
Portrait of a tree

When David called me to ask about car camping, immediately visions of my cast iron filled with hearty food sitting above the coals of a wood fire danced into my mind. This is what “car camping” is all about… food, drink, conversation, relaxation. There is so much more to life than always being on the move, it’s nice – no, necessary, to be still occasionally.

Lagunitas Creek was looking beautiful. We took some time to explore all the little access points along the road within the park. Redwoods with their dark brown bark covered in lichen, loom overhead while below, the bright yellow leaves of the maples glow in their shadow.

Blessings from the recent rain showers

We talked about new winter camping plans and reminisced about past adventures together like our trip to snow creek cabin with the 3-gallon flask of whiskey that we thought was kerosene or the debacle of an adventure to the Peter Grubb hut that began several years ago around midnight. Do I even have either of those cataloged here? It’s a reminder to me of how much I’ve done and the times I’ve shared with friends that isn’t captured in words or pictures that are here, but still in my mind and in my heart.

Well, what more is there to say? Simple is best sometimes. The air was cold, the scenery was superb, the food was delicious, and the company doesn’t get any better. – JD

We Bros
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