Exploring a Decaying Desert Oasis

How long has it been since I’ve done any interesting urban exploration? I don’t even know! This place, Lake Dolores Waterpark, aka Rock-A-Hoola, has been on my radar since about 10 years ago when I somehow came across a skate video of Kilian Martin. The video blends archival footage from the waterpark while it was open with his skating at the now-abandoned park. While passing by on a recent trip to Utah. Rumor has it the water park is going to be redeveloped, despite the bones of its past that haunt the place.

Life is Sweet! Mom loves you.

There was very little space left uncovered by graffiti. A lot of it was run-of-the-mill, and most people would probably never notice but a couple of noteworthy artists have left their marks here recently enough. The first was Swampy who is a mysterious artist from the Oakland area. He was more active in the twenty-tens, but apparently still gets around as of 2017 anyway. I have seen his Swamp Mother character more than a few times while exploring low places… so we both share some curiosity for that which is collapsed apparently.

Yet another Swamp Mother sighting.

The other artist is Mister Toledo, who, unlike Swampy, is not infamous due to his reclusive and enigmatic nature, but instead for his work as a muralist. The portrait below is literally a small example of his art.

A quality piece by Mister Toledo
The cashier is out
The cashier is out
The desert is taking back the pool
The old tube canals
Jesus was here?
Jesus was here?

This type of stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea. I realize that. I enjoy it though and always have. More often than not, being bold enough to explore the paths seldom traveled results in a rewarding experience. -JD

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