Small Things – The Aqua Clip

Brian Cizek, the owner and inventor of the Aqua Clip was kind enough to send me a few samples to check out late 2013. It’s an interesting little product that makes changes the way a water bottle is carried. Of those samples I took a handful to the GGG West event in January 2014 and gave them out to interested backpackers, I gave a couple to friends, and kept a few for the family. As I promised Brian I’d write my thoughts about the Aqua Clip… so here they are!

What is the Aqua Clip?

The Aqua Clip is a small and lightweight Lexan plastic clip that can snap to the neck of any standard water bottle with a simple push (or pull to un-snap). It can be slipped behind a belt, into the waistband of your pants or shorts, or behind any suitable strap on a backpack. It provides a convenient way to carry a water bottle hands-free.

The Aqua Clip

The Aqua Clip


  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Color: 16 colors available :)
  • MSRP: $3.00 which includes shipping

Usefulness When Backpacking?

Some things we post about here fall outside the realm of backpacking, or possibly along the fringes. I think for the Aqua Clip this really depends on personal preference, how you carry water, and how you stay hydrated. I use a hydration bladder and don’t normally carry any sort of water bottle I actually carry TWO water bottles now and have moved away from using a bladder, however the bottles are sports bottles that don’t work with the Aqua Clip. For the folks who carry wide-mouth bottles for use with a Steripen (etc…) the Aqua Clip won’t help either. However, for all the backpackers that carry a typical water bottle, the Aqua Clip opens up some new options on how to do that.

Many backpacks have enough excess webbing on them that there are at least a couple of placement options. Slipping it behind the hip belt webbing is yet another way to go. One of the people I gave an Aqua Clip to was My buddy Max. He carried it on his PCT thru hike attempt last year – he said it was one of his favorite pieces of gear, and also that quite a few other PCT hikers wanted to know where to get one.

Max on the PCT with Aqua Clip

Max on the PCT with Aqua Clip

I wanted to at least give it a try. My backpack doesn’t have the necessary webbing on the shoulder, so I picked up a $2 strap with velcro and a ladder lock from REI and fastened it to my shoulder harness. This was quick and dirty and mainly for demonstration purposes. I used a 1L Smart Water bottle, the same one Max is carrying which is a popular bottle among many hikers I know.

Example of Attachment

Example of Attachment

Carrying a 1L Bottle

Carrying a 1L Bottle

To avoid further beating around the bush, personally I would favor the Aqua Clip for day hikes, and definitely for off trail use like a day at the fair, where it can free up space and free up my hands from having to carry it. I know that some people will appreciate it for backpacking use, but it’s just not the way I prefer to carry water.

Bottom Line

The Aqua Clip is one of those simple and neat ideas that does what it’s designed to do. Whether or not it’s for you as a backpacker is totally dependent on individual preference and if you do carry a water bottle often it’s probably worth considering! Hike It. Like It.

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