The ZeroGram 900 Titanium Pot

Hiked It. Liked It.

ZeroGram is a rapidly growing manufacturer of lightweight gear based in South Korea. While less common here in the U.S. I have had the opportunity to test drive some of their products courtesy of Hyunsang Lee. I’m happy to help get the word out about their brand, and in this case my positive experience with their 900 Titanium Pot.


  • 900 ml (30 oz) approx volume
  • Titanium construction
  • Total weight is exactly 6 ounces on my scale (including lid) or 3.5 oz without the lid
  • Dimensions: approx 4.63″ bottom diameter x 3.38″ tall
  • The lid can double as a small bowl or frying pan
  • Suggested Retail Price – about $65 (exchange rate)
ZeroGram 900 Pot and Lid

ZeroGram 900 Pot and Lid


The pot arrived neatly packaged and I could not detect any manufacturing residues by sight or feel (gave it a wash anyway). The construction gives the sense of being as good as other trusted brands of cookware the finish gives it a high quality appearance. The ZeroGram logo is neatly electropolished into both the lid and the pot.

The Construction Looks Good!

The Construction Looks Good!

MSR Pocket Rocket fitting Inside

MSR Pocket Rocket fitting Inside

Having owned both the SnowPeak 900 and MSR Titan Kettle, I’d say ZeroGram’s 900 pot compares nicely. The SnowPeak 900 is a little taller, but with a narrower diameter. I found that the MSR Pocket Rocket can fit perfectly inside my ZeroGram 900 pot, as can a standard sized fuel canister (not both together of course).

Lid on Top

Lid on Top

In the field the pot has got the job done. There’s not much you can say about pots really… I mean, they either fall apart or they don’t! This one has been in rotation for a couple of years and is no worse for wear. The handles have rubber grippers to prevent burns, which I’m surprised have not melted away yet. Using this pot with a stove like the Pocket Rocket helps in that respect I’m sure. A wider flame will put too much heat around the sides of the pot which would be hard on those grippers. The slightly wider than usual bottom diameter does help ensure good flame contact with the pot. I have not tried to fry anything in the lid/pan (which is about 1.63 inches deep) but it serves as a nice bowl for mixing up some hummus and what not.

Ready to be Packed Up

Ready to be Packed Up

The handles collapse down and stay in place when collapsed. The lid is a snug fit and will nearly stay on by itself even if the pot is inverted (with my Stove stuffed inside it will stay in place due to the pot flexing outward ever so slightly). It’s a tidy little package that I’m proud to own and use right alongside the other time tested Titanium cookware in my closet.


  • Slightly wider than usual base diameter
  • Collapsible handles on both the pot and lid
  • Top notch construction

Not So Much…

  • No complaints!

Famous Last Words

South Korean hikers should be very happy with this kit, and for those of us living elsewhere, if the exchange rates and shipping are favorable it provides yet another viable option for ~ 900ml cook set. Hike It. Like It.

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