Photography and Backpacking – Part 3 of 10

The Right Camera for You

If you’ve been following along with the series so far, welcome back! If not, we’re picking up where we left off which was an overview of the digital camera market. This quick interactive survey should help you set the bearing on your camera-shopping compass. So, do you need to kill a few minutes? Are you sitting around waiting to hear your name called for [insert something boring here]? Maybe you already have a camera and want to see if we got your best fit correct. In any case, we have the perfect time waster for you!

Answer each of the 10 questions below. When you’re all done you can click the button and you’ll automagically get your photographic fortune! Kinda like Zoltan!… but without the scary dude in the box! If you like this kind of stuff please do use our comment form and let us know! Hike It. Like It.

1. Will you be shooting landscape, cityscape, still life, or people not in-action?

I’m not interested in photographing things that don’t move.

I’ll occasionally photograph these types of subjects

This kind of thing is my primary interest.

2. Will you be shooting wildlife, sports, or other things in motion?

I’m not interested in photographing stuff that’s moving around quickly.

I might occasionally photograph moving subjects.

I will often photograph these types of subjects.

3. Do you post process your photos, or plan to?


I have a decent handle on it and usually process some or most of my photos to an extent.

I’ll dedicate time to work on individual photos until I achieve results that I’m very pleased with.

4. Will you make prints of your photos?

Print them… On paper? No way!

If I print them they’re usually small sizes with an occasional 8×10 or thereabouts.

I might even make some large prints to frame and hang on the wall

5. How Do You Feel About Camera Size & Weight?

The smaller the better, even if it means compromising some performance and image quality.

Small is good, but I don’t want to sacrifice much in features, performance, or image quality.

I don’t mind a slightly larger camera if it improves my user experience and image quality.

I will carry as large a camera as I have to in order to have the features and performance I want.

6. How Do You Prefer to Carry Your Camera?

I need to carry it in a pants pocket, shirt pocket, or side pocket of my backpack.

I can carry it inside my backpack if necessary.

I’ll use some type of strap either connected to me or my backpack.

I’ll use a separate carrying case that connects to me or my backpack.

7. What’s Your Take on Camera Features?

I don’t really care about features as long as it takes pictures.

Basic features are fine as long as I can easily adjust and tweak things.

I prefer a fully featured camera with direct access to as many controls as possible.

My personal preference is a minimalist (nearly featureless) camera

8. What Sort of Image Quality Are You Looking For?

I’m not super picky, most cameras these days are good enough for me.

It doesn’t have to be top notch, but I don’t want entry level quality either.

I want excellent image quality but I draw the line at carrying a big camera around.

Having the highest possible image quality is a priority for me.

9. What Are Your Thoughts on Using Interchangeable Lenses

I don’t want to deal with multiple lenses. Period.

I’m probably fine with the kit zoom lens, but I wouldn’t mind having other options.

I would consider using interchangeable lenses as long as they’re small and light.

Interchangeable lenses are a necessity for me but they must be small and light.

Interchangeable lenses are necessity for me regardless of size or weight.

10. What type of user are you?

I’m a total knucklehead when it comes to technology.

Average Joe/Jane. I don’t mess with the camera settings much.

Enthusiast. I generally don’t use the auto modes and know how to change most camera settings.

Super Duper Enthusiast! I compose photos and operate my camera with driven purpose.

Pro. I can do this with my eyes closed

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    • Jacob D
      March 26, 2013

      Whoa, you’re right! Something must have blown up at the server center! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up… I’ll look into that asap. (update – all fixed, thanks again!)

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