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Hey folks. I’ve been slacking on the posts this summer, what can I say. But behold! A new content… and yup, it’s about coconuts. As I was back enjoying the beautiful beaches near me recently and whilst floating on my back in the calm sea I thought to myself “ahhh I could go for a chilled coconut with a straw right about now”, and then it came to me like a rush to the head! I love coconut and often take coconutty stuff on my hiking januts. Here are a few of my faves that you might enjoy too…

Bobo Bar and Grace Coconut Milk
Bobo Bar and Grace Coconut Milk

Bobo’s Oat Bar (Coconut flavor of course)

These things look rather boring, somewhat like a brick of dry oats but let me say, they’re very good! I know when it comes to taste it’s a personal thing that’s bound to vary, but Everyone who I’ve shared these with has agreed with me so far. For those who like coconut I think BoBo has a winner here. The bar itself is moist, wholesome, and has a nice coconut flavor that isn’t too overpowering. I like them for desert after an Asian-inspired trail meal, or any time while out hiking or running. The mild flavor and easy to chew texture never gets old.

Grace Dehydrated Coconut Milk

This is really good stuff. Sold on Amazon and comes in boxes of individual packets so it’s perfect for taking hiking. One pack can be rehydrated with about 2 cups of water for a consistency that’s typical of Thai curry – which is one of my favorite things to use it for. Some dehydrated veggies, curry paste, and a cup or two of minute rice and doooood… you’ve got a hot Thai meal with a backcountry view. Also goes well as a substitute for dried milk such as in cold or hot cereal and anything that requires baking. I’m personally hooked on putting it into my morning coffee and chai tea!

Big Tree Farms Cocohydro and Nectar
Big Tree Farms Cocohydro and Nectar

Coco Hydro

This is the dehydrated coconut water that we posted about a while back. A great natural source of potassium and other electrolytes. I’ve tried the original (unflavored), pineapple, and lemon-lime. The latter is the “sport” version. My favorite is the pineapple, followed by the original. The thing with coconut water (at least for me) is it needs to be served very cold. These make a refreshing drink for a lunch break or any rest break along the trail where a cold water source is nearby.

Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar

This is a natural sweetner that can be used anywhere you’d use regular ol sugar, or other nectars like agave. It has a flavor like coconut water, but somewhat malty. It’s different. I tried making some trail snacks using it but my cooking skills are lackluster and all was fail. Maybe someone else has dreamed up a great use for this stuff??

Toasted Coconut Tea
Toasted Coconut Tea

Republic of Tea Toasted Coconut Black

Ziiiiing! This tea has more than twice the caffeine of a cup of coffee. Yes, rise and shine… get a bunch of things done, go for a run, then start your hike 🙂 Definitely not an evening tea but great for the morning or a mid day pick-me-up. Add some dehydrated coconut milk to really go nuts.

Lindt Coconut Excellence
Lindt Coconut Excellence

Lindt Dark Chocolate Coconut Excellence

This Lindt Excellence bar is awesome. Not only is it dark chocolate which is a classic trail treat – but it’s got bits of caramelized coconut inside it! Another great desert item, or just anytime snack. Get fancy and pair it with some fresh tropical fruit, or make coconut-smores…. mmmmmm.

TJ's Coconut Oil
TJ’s Coconut Oil

Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in place of olive oil and has a very similar nutritional profile, but with a distinct coconut flavor. This can be a plus when baking or when a change from the monotony of EVOO is called for. The thing to be aware of with coconut oil is it’s usually high in saturated fats so it’s not a good “all the time” oil, but great for occasional use.

Do you have the CocoLove? How do you do Coconut out on the trail? We’d love to hear about your favorite coconut concoctions so please leave a comment if you have a recipe or snack idea! Bonus points for anyone who has come up with a way to may a trail-pinacolada! Hike It. Like It.

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  1. September 21, 2014

    A post to my liking, Jacob, as I share your passion for all things coconut. Too bad most of the stuff isn’t available here!

    • September 24, 2014

      Thanks Hendrik. Sorry to hear most of this stuff is hard to get your hands on. I guess shipping and VAT to a lot of places in Europe probably kills the deal. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods!

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