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Congrats, you’ve discovered our top secret interactive gear database! Ok, you probably found it because Jacob was spamming all over the forums about it… it’s more like sorta secret. Might as well make use of it while you’re here. So, what is this thing anyway? The short answer is: it’s a radical search tool that’ll allow you to find and compare gear that fits your criteria. Our data will be growing constantly and is being compiled by spies that could go rogue at any time! Most of them are specially trained animals however. Yes, we have learned from the Snowden incident.

  1. This post explains some jargon. We’ll do our best to update it as new categories are added.
  2. Yes, we are constantly working on adding data, more and more gear to come.
  3. We strive to be as accurate as possible, however mind control over animals has it’s limits.
  4. Units are all US/Imperial (for now). You know… feet, inches, ounces, that sort of thing.
  5. A value of zero either means zero, data not available, or it’s not applicable. Common sense should prevail.
  6. Approx Retail price is approximate and subject to change of course.
  7. Clicking the labels at the top of the table will sort the results.
  8. If you have data to contribute (yes, you!), or you notice a mistake please give us a shout!

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we’re crunching the data… coming soon!

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we’re crunching the data… coming soon!